Why Beans And Fried Ripe Plantain Combo Is Considered Food Poisoning.

Beans and fried ripe plantain is considered food poisoning.
No matter how sweet it is, it's not exactly healthy food for you.

Cooking food like beans with unripe plantain has no problems. In fact it is a perfect combo which makes digestion easy. However, the same plantain, when ripe becomes fruit.

So, fire turns the plantains sweetness, known as fructose to acidity, not just acidic, but it's highly acidic. When fruits are damaged by fire, they become poison to the body.
Who suffers? The liver!

Here is the problem, beans takes between 5 to 7hrs to digest properly and leave the stomach. While ripe plantains take just 3Hrs. No fruit digest in the stomach, but In the terminal Ileum, while beans digest In the stomach.

Ripe plantain doesn’t need pancreatic enzyme to digest, while beans does.

So when they are combined, the ripe plantain tries to leave the stomach to travel to the terminal Ileum where it digests but the beans won’t allow it, this struggle goes on for long which is unknown to you, then, Fermentation takes place 

Therefore combining beans and ripe plantain could be called, delicious poison.

I will advice we avoid cooking, baking, frying and boiling ripe Plplantains… It's best eaten raw.
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