Married man beats sidechick to stupor, so that his wife will forgive him for cheating

Beyza Yurttas as the girlfriend started dating Bulent Yuksek, it didn't occur to Beyza that Bulent was a married man.

It wasn't until 2021 before she discovered her so called boyfriend was a married man.

She ended the relationship at once. Broken by the betrayal, she started making plans to move to another city.

After being dumped by his girlfriend, Bulent then discovered that his wife was also aware of the affair, so he decided to please his wife and atone for his sins.

On March 31st Bulent called Beyza (who was planning to leave the city that day) and told her that he wanted to see her one last time. She reluctantly agreed to meet him in the district of Alanya, in the southern Turkish province of Antalya.

Once the two had met at the agreed location, Bulent drãggěd her into his car and locked the doors before béáting her, seriously pünchíng her repeatedly in the head and face.

Bulent then used his phone to call his wife on a video call so she could watch him béáting Beyza. When he asked his wife if she liked how he was mercilessly béátin̄g Beyza, his wife answered, “I love it, h!t her once again, this time hit her for me.”

After the béáting, Beyza was taken to hospital and treated for her injuries.

After a little recovery, Beyza took to social media, posting pictures of her injuries and writing: ‘Please, help me. I do not want to be like the other woman k!lled by men. I don't want to d!e, please.’

Bulent has since been placed in ja!l and Beyza has filed a complaint against both him and his wife. But it is not clear when, or even if, a case will be made against the couples for the assault.

Credit: Apotheosis of knowledge
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