How Prophet Daniel Abodunrin Was Torn Apart By Lions at UI Zoo in 1991.

On a fateful day in 1991, visitors stormed the University of Ibadan zoo, as usual, to see the animals and enjoy the serene environment it provides. Of all the animals in the zoo, lions attract the highest number of visitors. It is said that a visit to the UI zoo without seeing the lions is

As aforementioned, on that day, everybody was at the zoo to have a nice time seeing the animals except a man, a bold and daring prophet named Daniel Abodunrin who was on a different mission. The prophet wanted to show people the “work of God of Daniel” by walking right into the lions’ cage to pet them like Daniel did in the bible without getting mauled.

Prophet Daniel Abodunrin’s intention was to recreate the biblical story of Daniel who out of envy was thrown to lions that have been mysteriously tamed by God. The biblical story has it that God sent down angels to shut the mouths of the lions.

A determined Prophet Daniel Abodunrin walked up
to some staff members of the zoo and requested to gain entry into the lions’ cage. No one in his/her right senses will grant such a request, so the prophet was turned down, Whether he sneaked in or not, one thing is certain, the prophet found his way into the cage.

He called unto the “God of Daniel” to perform wonders. He was shouting “Jah, Jah, Jah”, a shortened form of Jehovah. At first, the lions retreated to a corner of their cage. Unknown to the prophet, Lions are likely to retreat at first when they see something unusual in their territory and later, they get rid of it. Prophet Daniel Abodunrin thought his faith was really working; that the God of Daniel was  Performing wonders. He then moved nearer to the lions as he kept chanting bible verses. Then in a flash, the lions pounced on Him. 
He battled for his dear life but his strength was no match for the hefty lions and in a moment, he was torn apart and eaten.  
That is how a grown up educated African lost his life to the fairytales story of the Bible and so many cases  like this.   A man also wanted to break Jesus record on fasting.  After 14 days he stopped picking calls from the mountain. The rest Na history. 

Till date no miracle in the Bible has been repeated and people foolishly still believes in miracles.  This is unbelievable 
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