$650,000 or Grand kids - parents takes son and wife to court, gives them an ultimatum

These Indian parents took their son and his wife to court, demanding that the young couples either give them a grandchild or pay the total of $650,000.

Sajneev Prasad, 61, and wife Sadhana, 57, filed a petition against their son Shrey Sagar and his wife Shubhangi, who have been married since 2016 and do not yet have any child.

The couple claimed their son and his wife have subjected them to "mental agony" over years.

They said they spent thousands of dollars to send their son to school in the US, but he didn't get a job after graduation. Then they spent a fortune on his wedding in 2016, but after the wedding, their son and his wife haven't had any child.

Sajneev and Sadhana, said they can't continue to endure the emotional torture. As it stands now, their son must either give them a grandchild that will emotionally compensate for all their parental efforts and investment or pay back all the money they spent on him.
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