This is the Ishage rock - the rock that is said to stop draught in Ghana

This is the Ishage rock, Whenever there is sever drought in the land, the chief priest of the mountain will visit the mountain and wrap a white cloth around the 'waist' of Ishage rock; an action which will make rain fall heavily upon the land that night and the Ishage Rock will drop off the white cloth after the downpour.

The Ishage rock is on the Ado Awaye Mountain in Iseyin Oyo State, Nigeria.

Ishage rock is the first striking yet strange sight you will see when you’re ascending the mountain is the Ishage Rock. Ishage Rock according to the indigenes of the town is their source of rain. It is an enormous rock, adjusted and standing on one of its little edges. The way that this rock has not tumbled off the lofty mountain side on which it rests stays a puzzle to the Ado-Awaye locales and sight-seers visiting the mountain.

According to legend at whatever point rain is needed, their chief divinator, covers the “midriff” of the stone with a white material, and at that point there will be a downpour for 3-4 days in a row. Also whenever those that worship this rock come around for prayers, they also tie a piece of white cloth on the rock as a sign of gratitude.
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