Procedures on how to cook Nigerian fisherman soup using tin tomatoes and Archy/Ofor

A lot of people have been asking me for this recipe ever since I uploaded this food presentation on my timeline So I'll be sharing this same recipe with you for those who are interested to learn how to cook this same meal.

First, get all your sea foods, eg
shrimps or crabs ready
(Use hot water and salt to wash the fish.. depending on the type of fish)

Then, steam it with salt pepper and onion alone till it's done.

Place your empty pot on fire and fry your palm oil. Allow it to remain awhile before adding your chopped onion and fry them add your fresh tomatoes. Fry properly then pour in your Archy into the fried tomatoes and fry along side for just 10seconds. The Archy/ofor serves as a thickener for those who are interested to know.

After which you pour in a little water or if you have the water from steaming fish, pour it in and turn making sure everything is well circulated before adding your fish and shrimps. Then after 2mins, add salt crayfish and pepper and turn carefully then cover for it to steam.

Note: be mindful of the salt or pepper you add to the soup because you've already used same ingredients to steam the fish and shrimps. Wait till after 5mins before adding your periwinkle then turn it carefully so the fishes won't scatter..

While turning, you must have seen the level of thickness that you needed, if it's too watering you can stir the Archy again and add, if it's too thick for your liking you can add some water to reduce the thickness then allow it to steam till it's done.

Once it's done, you add either your odusa leaf
scent leaf
or bitter leaf
turn it then taste it and bring it down immediately.

That's just a very simple way of cooking a fisherman soup using tin tomatoes and Archy. There are more than 8 methods of cooking this meal and you will still arrive at this same result.. Delicious.
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