How to cook Efere Ikon (Eguzi soup) in a native way using only fresh shrimps and fresh fish

Eguzi soup
Efere Ikon (Eguzi soup) is one of the food here in Africa that's been enjoyed by so many even across the globe, there are different ways of cooking eguzi soup but today I'll be Sharing a simple ancient recipe on how to cook Efere Ikon (Eguzi soup) in a native way using fresh shrimps and fresh fish alone, just like the same way our early ancestors did..


Fresh Shrimps 
Fresh Fish
Blended Eguzi
Red Oil
Scent leaf 
odusa leaf

P R O C E D U R E S:
After preparing your shrimps and fresh fish pls wash it carefully and soak the fresh fish with hot water for 2mins. The reason is for the hot water to remove the outermost slippery skin and it also help to remove stubborn fishy smell from the fish. After that steam the fish together with the shrimps with salt, pepper and onion alone then bring it down when it's done.

Wash your periwinkle, cut your onion, pound your crayfish and pepper, keep your palm oil beside you and your salt same with your odusa leaf alongside with your fresh green scent pepper(Akpo Ntuen). Break your firewood and use arch as a base then set ur firewood then used the shaft from the squeeze palm fruit after palmoil has been processed. Use two igneous rock side by side and clash them together until spark of light comes out then you can light it with the shaft of the palm fruit.

Now let's cook.

Wash your pot and put your it on fire then when its dry up you add your palm oil and allow it to hit for  for few seconds before adding your salt first to taste if the oil is really hot, if there is a shiiiii sound then know that the oil is hot and you are good to go, add your chopped onion then  stir your dry eguzi with a little amount of water till its dry up then add to your oil on fire and turn then leave it to fry keep on turning it with your Turner or wooden spoon countless times till it's done and its moulding then you can add a little amount of water to it and allow it to steam for 2mins.

After which you add water and allow it to steam then add your periwinkle turn it and cover it then allow it to steam..add your steamed fish and shrimps and allow and turn carefully so it wont scatter. Cover it to continue steaming for 5mins before adding your pounded pepper and crayfish. Be careful on d amount of pepper  you add, remember you've already added onion and pepper and salt while steaming your shrimps so I'll advice after adding your shrimps you taste it first to know the taste before you add another one. I love using enough dry crayfish cuz it brings out the real taste of a soup as I dont use any seasoning cubes or spices in preparing my meals.

Allow the soup to cook for few more minutes  then you add your odusa leaf, add your chopped fresh scent pepper and turn it then bring it down. Your Eguzi soup will look exactly like this, fresh and tasty and the swt aroma of the pepper can make you want to eat this soup over and over.
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