I Gave A Pastor Fake Boyfriend Name And He Immediately Saw Visions - Lady Narrates

A Nigerian lady known as Marrgarritah on Twitter has come out to narrate how she gave a Pastor a fake name as the name of her boyfriend only for the pastor to start seeing visions of the fake name that did not exist.

According to her tweet, she did it intentionally to test to the authenticity of the pastor’s prophecies who claimed he could see “visions” of the future.

She said in her tweet: “I remember giving a pastor a fake boyfriend’s name, and he suddenly ‘saw’ that his mother would be wicked to me. That i need to pray very well so she can like me.

“Asked my mother later why the pastor couldn’t “see” that I gave him a fake name,” she narrated.

Different Reactions has since then trailed the tweet

Mbah wrote: “Hard guy but your parents still dey give you offering on sunday morning”

Peter-amos wrote: “I know say this nah cruise but still yet, how would you give a pastor someone’s name to see vision for you about another person because your looking for the potential best. Listen! God is not a magician and this is what people do not know, we pray to communicate, to create”

Adigun Empowerment Ayobami wrote: “You sure need to understand there is a huge difference between prophecy, vision and dream. Nonetheless, God is not a confusionist, if you give a misleading information; a misleading response you get except you get a unique grace from God who is willing to right the wrongs”

HameedII wrote: “Cruise wey everybody dey enjoy. E reach your turn, you take am serious. Man of God”
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