After 6 Years Of Repenting From All Gay Affairs, I Still Use Diapers - Former Gay Pastor Laments

A former Ghanian gay pastor Nkrumah Upong of the Latter Days Church who repented from homosexuality, has provided insight into the activities of homosexuals and the repercussions trailing him after years of practicing the same sex lifestyle.

According to the Ghanaian pastor, he was introduced to gay life while still in senior secondary School by a fellow student.

He said, he was lured into the practice with assorted gifts items
He wrote:

I will like to advise every guy listening that gay is not a good thing, it’s a spirit, it is difficult to come out from. Most gay people, what they do is shower you with money and a big gift. Be careful who you take a gift from or else you will fall into their trap, he cautioned.

For over six years now, I am still wearing a diaper, I can’t go to gatherings because I can’t sit for a longer period. So I am pleading with my friends to stay away from gay activities It is evil and will damage your future.

Let’s say NO to gay and the rest it’s satanic, humans are not supposed to do it. I have regretted today before I didn’t know I was doing myself harm until I became sick’’ he noted.
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