(Video) - Annie Idibia’s elder brother disowns her - Don’t hit me up again!

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This is coming after called out her husband 2face on social media for sleeping at his ex’s house despite all she’s gone through with him.

She claimed Tuface’s family hate her and try to do everything in public to disgrace her.

Tuface’s brother responding, told Annie to release evidence of the wrongs his family did to her.

According to him, Tuface is dying slowly and is not living a happy life.

Annie’s brother, this time around in a video shared on his Instagram page, said he no longer wants to be associated with Annie. Watch video:

He asked family and friends never to hit him up about anything that involves the actress.

His post read: “This is for mutual friends and family, I just want to announce the entity and actress known as ‘Annie Idibia has seized to be friend, family, sister

“Don’t hit me up, don’t DM me about her I have nothing connected with Annie or that brand whatsoever.”

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