Spoiler Alert On Twist Of Fate - Pragya devastated with Abhi’s death; Decides to end her life and unite with his soul

Kumkum Bhagya show takes an unexpected turn with the death of Abhi due to a gun shot. Pragya decides to take her life to unite with her love.

Zee TV's popular show Kumkum Bhagya is showcasing a major twist in the show with the death of Abhi. According to the main storyline, Shabir Ahluwalia aka Abhi in the show gets hit by a bullet and is rushed to the hospital. His family is seen gathered at the hospital outside the operation theatre. They are praying to God to save his life and the scene in the operation theatre shows that Abhi’s vitals are dropping. Meanwhile, Pragya gets kidnapped, but she thinks of a plan and somehow escapes from the clutches of the kidnappers.
She then rushes to the hospital to see her husband Abhi. In the show, it is shown that Pragya had united with her husband after a long time and she was elated to be with him. But when he gets shot, Pragya is devastated.
When Pragya reaches the hospital, she is bombarded with the news of Abhi’s death. Pragya is struck with disbelief that Abhi is no longer with her. The doctors had already told the family about the passing away of Abhi. Pragya goes into the operation theatre to see Abhi and tries to wake him up, but he does not respond. She starts crying inconsolably as she is not able to believe that Abhi is no more as he was the love of her life.
Suddenly she feels pain in her heart and collapses. Then, she sees Abhi standing in front of her. She rushes to hug him and complains that she thought Abhi left her forever. But Abhi tells her that it is not him but his soul and he has come to say goodbye to her. She says that she does not want to live without him. Abhi consoles her and says that even though he is leaving, their memories will be with her always.
Pragya is in shock over Abhi’s death and decides to end her life. The future of the love story of Pragya and Abhi has taken a surprise twist, and what will happen next is yet to be determined.
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