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Vidhvan and whole family gets worried for Shristi. Shristi returns home. Vidhvan asks how did she escape from Bhola’s grip. Baiju enters and says he brought Shristi here and was the one who kidapped her and spoke in Bhola’s voice to prove that obese bodyguard cannot protect Shristi. Vidhvan shouts at bodyguard why did not he shoot. Bodyguard says his bullets are missing. Baiju shows bullet and says he told only he can protect Shristi and needs a chance to prove himself and correct his mistake. Shristi agrees. Anurag gets an idea to challenge Vikral to kidnap Ragini. He gather Vikral, Ragini and Ammaji and shows video of Vikral kidnapping him and forcefully getting him married to Ragini and says last time they kidnapped her and got him married to Ragini, this time he will kidnap Ragini and marry her. Vikral warns he is flickering like a last lamp. Vidhvan try to convince family that though Baiju is a goon, only he can protect Shristi and not obese bodybuilder. Revathi does not agree. Dulari says god has sent Baiju to protect Shirsti and they should accept it. Shristi looks at Vishu’s photo. Divya says we all still believe Vishu has not left us at all. Daadi says yes. They hear someone calling Daadi. Daadi gets emotional thinking Vishu is calling. Baiju enters wearing bodyguard’s dress spaking to his phone on bluetooth earphone and says daadi he is reporting to duty from today and has sent his amma back to Kanpur as his amma taught him to give his 100% effort on job. Daadi says she prayed for him also and ties thread on his forearm. He takes her blessings. Dulari praises him. Shristi says she will arrange his chair near door. Anurag takes care of wedding arrangements and house decoration. He asks manager to fix bright colors. Ragini passes by. He continues flowers should be bright and beautiful like bride and continues talking looking at her. Ragini thinks he wanted to kidnap her and now decorating house, what is going in his mind. Anurag continues his flirting. Four bodyguards enter holding guns. Vikral passes asking Vani to inform Parag to give invitation to minister. Ragini asks Vikral if they are the boydguards from Begu Sarai who are well trained and are ready for any task, they are very dangerous. Vikral says he wants to see same fear on Anurag’s face and orders him to get clothes stitched for bodyguards and order rasmalai in sweets as Ahimanyu likes it. Anurag murmurs if he can add poison. He takes measurement of bodyguard and asks if he drinks 2 liters ghee. Bodyguard says 2 kilos. Anurag asks howmuch time he spends in washroom. Bodyguard fumes. Anurag asks if he is married. Bodyguard says he has 4 children. Anurag repeats if he is marriage. Body guard fumes more. Anurag takes other bodyguard’s measurement and says they all look very strong. Ragini says he should be in fear obviously. Anurag says nobody can stop him and he will mingle in her like a perfume and kidnap her.

Baiju prepares ledger to enter outsider’s list who come home. Shristi in kitchen drops glass bottle by mistake. Glass shatters all over floor. Dulari sees that and goes to call family. Shristi tries to walk, but gets afraid seeing glass strands. Baiju walks in and says let him help. She walks on steel thali. He gives stick and help her. She slips. He kneels down and holds her on his back. She gets up and thanks him. Dulari returns with family and informs that Baiju saved Shristi. Revathi asks her to be careful. Anurag slips and bodyguard catches him instead of Ragini. Anurag gets disappointed that Ragini did not catch him.. Anurag continues flirting with Ragini, and Ragini fumes. Courier boy delivers courier in Anurag’s name. Anurag asks to call him love and care of Ragini. Ragini thinks what did he order. He says he order wedding details and is checking. She tries to peep. He asks why she is peeping, he has ordered details for engagement function. He then takes her aside and showing tape says he will tape her mouth with this. He continues showing things with which he will kidnap her. He imagines kidnapping in between guests and carrying her away. Ragini shakes her, and he continues flirting with her. She orders guards to take him away. He shouts to leave him. Baiju checks vegetable vendor before letting him in and asks if he kept any weapon. Vendor says only 1 vegetable cutting knife. He picks weight and scolds him. Shristi walks in and asks vendor to show vegetables. Baiju returns weight. Revathi asks to buy 2 kg cucumber, 2 kg tomato, etc. Dulari joins them. Vendor says 200 rs Baiju finds mistakes and asks him to take whatever he gave and leave. Shristi scolds him that he started his goondagiri again. Baiju continues spreading his knowledge and sends him away. Shristi thanks him and asks how did he find out that vendor was looting. Dulari says because he is a goon. Baiju says his mother taught him how to buy vegetables, he did not have any option as he did not have money or earning father. Revathi thinks he is so kowledged. Baiju’s heart melts for Shristi. Ragini fumes that Anurag challenged to kidnap her, she will see how will he. Abhimanyu comes from behind. She thins it is Anurag and trashes him, then sees him and apologizes. Anurag peeps from window. Abhimanyu praises Ragini’s strong body. Anurag walks in and asks who troubled her, he will handle hi. He offers almonds to them and starts hsi jokergiri. Daadi asks Dulari to serve food to Baiju as he must be hungry. Divya fumes hearing Baiju’s praises and cuts her finger by mistake. Shristi goes to get first-aid box. Divya mixes chilli and salt in Baiju’s food and returns to her chair. Baiju prays before starting food. Shristi sees spoilt food and says she will change it. Baiju says he came to work and not feast, he will have this food.

Ragini call sari vendor home to buy saris. Anurag starts his drama and shows her many saris. Abhimanyu joins them. Anurag shows many saris and says they are all good. Ragini does not like them. Vendor says there is 1 sari left and it is costly. Anurag says no need to show. Ragini and Abhimanyu insist. Vendor shows red sari. Anurag says it is very bad. Ragini says it is really beautiful, Abhimanyu says same goes to bring money. Anurag thanks Ragini for selecting his liked sari. Vendor says bhaiya already selected this one and told she will select only this. Anurag says he will pay money. Abhimanyu enters and says he will pay as he selected it and insists. Anurag agrees. Ragini fumes.. Divya thinks Baiju must be thirsty after eating spicy food. She bites food and feels very spicy. Shristi enters and says she knew Divya mixed chilli seeing it on countertop and asks how is she feeling, Baiju works hard and should be given proper food, asks Divya to become old Diya again. Anurag reminds Raigni that he will kidnap her around 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. She fumes how dare he is. He brings her gift and shows sports shoes, says it will be easy to kidnap her wearing them. Ragini fumes more. Parag shows Ragini and Anurag’s cutout and makes her emotional. Anurag asks Ragini next what gift she got him. She asks bodyguards to surround Anurag and not let him go. Anurag tries to escape unsuccessfully. Baiju hears should at night and picks his gun. Shristi walks in and asks not to pull out gun before seeing who he/she is.

Shristi gives bed to Baiju and asks him to rest. He says he will be awake and guard her. She says if he does not rest, how will he guard her. He agrees and asks her to go in. On the other side, bodyguards surround Anurag and don’t let him go while he tries hard to escape. Tauba mai pyar karke pachtaya…song… plays in the background. Ragini enjoys juice reminiscing Anurag’s challenge to kidnap her. Anurag says he cannot go to even bathroom. Ragini shows him sports shoes and reminds his challenge to kidnap her wearing sports shoes. Abhimanyu walks in and asks why are bodyguards surrounding Anurag. Anurag says they should guard Abhimanyu and asks them to surround him. Ragini says though she is not related to him, she cannot take chance with his security, she is doing it for her babu’s dignity and hopes he cooperates. Abhimanyu says he should cooperate. Anurag says thank you so much Ragini ji and asks guard to come and hold him, he needss to pee and needs someone to open zip. Shristi gets phon call at night from Baiju who asks if she is fine. She says yes. He says he was worried for her. She says she is fine and leaves phone on, thinks because of Baiju even she should be awake. she drinks water and keeps mug. Baiju asks if someone came. She says its water glass. He says he will not disturb her, go to sleep. Ragini walks to Anurag’s room and giving her milk says he cannot escape easily and will not get sleep, so she brought him turmeric milk. Anurag says he can consume even poison from her hand. Once she goes out, Abhimanyu stops her and tries to chat, she acts as feeling sleepy and leaves. He thinks he loves her. Baiju falls asleep guaridng Shristi and Shristi also falls asleep. On the other side, guards keep their hands on Anurag and sleep. Anurag tries to escape, but they ask to go back to sleep. In the morning, pandit comes at Shristi’s house. Baiju says he wants to check everyone. Daadi says he is right and apologizes pandit. Shristi goes to Divya’s room and asks if she can use her bathroom as pandit has come and her bathroom is not working. Divya says she needs time, so Shristi can go to guest room. Shristi goes to guest room and sees Baiju coming out wearing only towel.
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