How To Make Semo Or Any Other Swallow With Bitterleaf - Delicious Delicacy

Bitterleaf prepared meal
Many of us find it difficult to drink bitter leaf water, but do you know you can still use that water to make your swallow?
Yes! You can use it to prepare any swallow of your choice.

What you are seeing in the picture isn't Amala, it is semolina.
Wash your bitter leaf with salt
Rinse twice
Start squeezing the leaf to extract the bitter taste
As the bitter water is extracted, pour it into a pot and allow to boil, mix your semo or whatever swallow in a bowl using some of the remaining bitter water, then pour it into the pot and start turning with your turning stick till it is thick and smooth. Keep putting the bitter leaf water till you get your desired softness.

Then you can use the bitter leaf to prepare bitter leaf soup.

We need to always take care of our bodies. We take a lot of carbs and sugars daily, so doing this constantly, helps normalize our body sugar levels.

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