I am still very much affected by Kumuyi's restricting poverty teachings - Mercy Benjamin cries out

Mercy Benjamin a former member of the Deeperlife bible ministry, who called out their general overseer and pastor W.F Kumuyi, accusing his doctrines for the cause of poverty in the life of its members.

Mercy Benjamin is at it once again in her recent outburst, says moving on from deeperlife indoctrination is very difficult...

Mercy Benjamin: Only a diehard former Deeper Life Bible Church member like myself, might understand what I am saying.

Deeperlife church will leave you traumatised for life!

I'm not just saying.

Ask other ex members you are close to, who will be honest and open.

I have been greatly traumatized as a child by the doctrines of PASTOR W F KUMUYI and it's still affecting me till date.

I find it really difficult to mingle with people for long.

I'm always extremely suspicious and it's all due to the fact that, Deeperlife taught me never to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, people who are destined for hell already. Deeperlife exempted itself and its members like only Deeperlife members are holy enough and meant for heaven.

I am aware now, but I'm still very much affected by deeperlife and its restricting teachings.

Still affected by the poverty restrictions till date, I find myself doing almost the same thing as I have been taught to and comfortable doing. I am scared of taking a leap or doing something different that could probably change my life, all because of the long term restricting teachings of Kumuyi.

The fear which Kumuyi's doctrines has instilled in me over the years, is still very active.

My reality and what I have been taught over the years does not correspond, I am having great trouble adapting, or accepting my reality because of what I have been taught..the confusion has really eaten deep into me.

I know I am supposed to get a grip and move on, now that I'm aware.

But how do I get up and move from something that is really eaten deep into me?

I am greatly unrest.
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