Cloves is one of the common ingredients found in the kitchen.It is known for its great smell  aromatic flavour and minty taste.
In the olden days,clove was one of the expensive ingredients but now it is very easy to get it everywhere. It has a lot of health and spiritual benefit unknown to many.That is why here in IMO Yoruba we make our deep research on both benefits.
*Liver health....grind fifty pieces of cloves and add to a bottle of honey....take 10 mls morning and night
*Anti.Cancer properties... Due to the presence of EUGENOL in cloves it is useful in prevention and treatment of cancer......boil 100 pieces of clove  in one litre water to make tea....Take half glasscup in the morning.
*It promotes bone health......Put some cloves into olive oil and put inside sun for few hour....use the oil to massage the affected area.Eat just 2 cloves every morning.
*It reduces high blood pressure..... Clove as tea is a very good remedy that can reduce the blood pressure within a short period of time.
*It helps treat digestives issue:...Soak some cloves in water and take a shot ever morning for seven days.
*It improves respiratory conditions....because of its anti inflammatory and expectorant properties it can easily do this.....add four drops of clove oil to hot water and drink.
*Relieves Nausea and Vomiting:.... For nausea eat just one or two cloves it stop nausea quickly.
For vomiting;. Mix clove powder with honey and lick ...vomiting will stop immediately.
It relieves toothaches and cure bad breathe:.
For toothache...apply the oil on the gum line or put little clove powder on the affected area and use cotton wool to press for like 10_15 minutes,then use hot water to gaggle and throw it away.
*It kills bacteria:..
In case of diarrhea...... Boil cloves in water and drink twice a day.
For infection.... Soak cloves in water and use to wash your private help kills infection 
*It boost the immune system.
*It reduces inflammation
*It cures ulcers
*It regulates the blood sugar level.
*Falling from problem to the other:. Take two cloves and one camphor.... Burn together outside your house., will surely get a solution to your problems.
*Having a lot of enemies disturbing your life......get five cloves ,pray your intentions over it ,take four from it to a four _junction(Orita merin), throw one each to the four direction North,south,west and east...then leave the junction ,don't look back or talk to anyone till you get back home.When you get home take your bath,The next morning take the remaining one,write your enemies names with a black pen,put the clove inside and burn.  While saying your desires....immediately all your enemies will leave your life.
WARNING: make sure you on the right side before casting this on your enemies.
*Feeling evil eyes ate on you?get 1 lemon,insert 4 cloves into it...rotate it over your head and throw at a four way junction (Orita merin) don't look back till you reach home.
To enhance success on whatever you are doing :..put 1 clove and one camphor beside your bed at night before you sleep....burn it very early the next morning outside your house.
*To open closed ways?get white egg shells,grind and mix with powered cloves...use to bath outside your house or late at night.
*For protection: Get sand from dust bin,put in small white cloth,add 7/9 cloves....wrap with white thread...let it always be on you.No evil will come near you.
*To send negative energies away from your home...boil cloves in water and sprinkle around your house
*To attract riches and prosperity: Get a green candle...stick 7/9 clove to the candle....say your heart desires and burn the this after sunset.
*Do you want to stop people from gossiping about you ?Get a red and black candles....use needle to carve your intentions on the red candle,then carve 'shut them up" on the black candle....apply powdered clove on them and burn and watch them burn up.
*Do you think you are weak spiritually or want to increase your psychic ability.....apply clove oil on your middle foreheads to open your third eye.
*To draw more sales to your business... Get plenty cloves,tie in red cloth and keep in your office,shop and home.
*To draw good luck to yourself....add clove to your bathing water
*To draw good luck to your home.... Burn cloves in your house always.

Try all these secrets and start flourishing and thank us with your beautiful testimonies.

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