I will never believe Deeperlife would ever use any modern day gadgets - Mercy Benjamin

Mercy who is a Blogger and a website developer in Nigeria sheds more light on her experience as a deeperlife member.

Bellow is what she said:

I hold My Dad and Pastor Kumuyi responsible for my traumatic childhood.

I was little, I knew nothing then.

My Dad's: He was a very strict Navy man and a deeperlife, imagine that. There was virtually little or nothing he could have done because of the way he revered Kumuyi. He loved and respected Kumuyi to the point, Kumuyi's self created indoctrination were the exact messages from God himself and so the rest of us had no choice. His blind respect for Kumuyi affected his poor choices. To my dad, he was helping us avoid hell at all cost.

Pastor Kumuyi's: The obvious self created indoctrination with the aim of what I am still trying to figure out. Kumuyi's doctrines deceived my dad, but who deceived Kumuyi?

Who remembered that pastor Kumuyi married again shortly after the death of his first wife, within the space of few months? if it was abroad a very detailed investigation would have been carried out.

Kumuyi placed his church members under a secure tight lock that guarantees absolutely nothing. Why?

I knew how many bro and sister who were punished in the church for marrying outside deeperlife, they had a separate humiliation sit in the auditorium. why? Was that the instruction from God? Why didn't the blood just wash away their sins as usual?

In Deeperlife then, it was a great sin for women to mount pupils but today its different. Why?

I remembered sister Joy vividly, she was the most angelic prolific singer of then, the holiest holier than thou. Sister Joy could sing her way straight to heaven with no musical instruments just an ordinary very old pasonic piano. Sister Joy the holy angelic songstress finally snatched another members husband in the church but the deep hypocrisy made members never to openly discussed it as everyone was too holy to discuss such, but they made sure to gossip about it in secret. It was the normal hypocritical way of life with deeperlife.

Deeperlife never believed in any form of deliverance prayers. But today they do. Why? God later instructed otherwise?

It was still in the same deeperlife I heard a husband complained bitterly that he has never seen the natural hair of his wife since he married her, because it was always covered with turban 247. The day they forcefully took the turban off, they claimed they allegedly saw lion, tiger, goat and snake on her hair. (Fact)

The delusion and hypocrisy was very deep. Deeper than your imaginations can comprehend.

Yet Pastor Kumuyi continues to lead multitudes in that same delusion but advanced.

I will never believe Deeperlife would ever use any modern day gadgets or electronics and be proud doing so, everything modern was a sin. Everything modern was the devil's tool to lure your innocent soul to hell.

Deeperlife glorifies poverty.

A deeperlife member would rather use a non scented soap to bath because a scented soap was allegedly from the pit of hell.

But then, Deeperlife has changed and advanced their doctrines overtime.

Yet, God is the same yesterday, today and forever?

The more I think of it, the painful it gets.

Why should my childhood be that bad because of a doctrine you personally came up with Pastor Kumuyi?

Is the God of #Deeperlife different from Winners?

Is the God of Pastor Kumuyi different from Pastor Adeboye and Pastor Chris?

Wake up.
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